Loot from winning at Ephemeraology!

Hooray! Gots my loot from the two companies i won gift certificates to from Mel at Ephemeraology.com!

Here’s all the goodies i got from the paper flea market:
So much fun stuff!

And here’s my order from silvercrow creations:

I pretty much got my usual, heh. a jumbo ephemera pack, some postage & green stamps, etc. but what’s this in the ephemera pack?!

A large atlas sized map of Maine!! how did they know? :-)

Thank you to Mel for the opportunity to get some awesome stuff!


I won I won I won!

I have horrible luck when it comes to winning things, it just doesn’t happen very often for me! But I continue to throw my name in, more to show my support for peeps than anything else. So it was really cool to receive an email from Mel at Ephemeraology the other day, letting me know that I won their 175K Giveaway!


I won a $15 gift cert to The Paper Flea Market (whose vintagey goodness I’ve coveted for quite a while!) and $20 at one of my all time favorite webstores Silver Crow Creations!

Can’t wait to go shopping!! Thanks again to Mel and everyone at the Paper Flea and Silver Crow!