wiggelhevin youtube channel is live!


Yeah, I know it took a while, but I finally got around to setting it up and making it semi-pretty and uploading a couple slideshows.

The first is my Red Rhinestone Watch Movement Pendant, you can see the video here or watch below:

And the second one is my Green Yggdrasil Tree of Life Pendant, watch it here or below:

I just figured out how to get my point and shoot camera to record video and am in hopes that I can actually record some artmaking sometime soon!


Other places to buy wiggelhevin stuff!

Hello everyone! We’ve been busy here at wiggelhevin HQ – wanted to give you all an update.


First off you can now visit us at wiggelhevin.com! Super happy to finally have a domain. Its just bare bones right now but we do have an etsy widget up as well as a couple WEBSITE ONLY items for sale.

Next, we’ve opened a storenvy shop, kindof as a complement to our etsy shop and to hopefully get our stuff out there! Right now there’s only a few items, some resin jewelry pieces and a couple ACEOs. Watch that space, we will be expanding!

Also, we are testing the waters at big cartel, so only five items for the time being. There will be more if it proves to be a good fit for wiggelhevin stuff.

Lastly, (and the one i’m most excited about) is our society6 shop. Society6 is pretty awesome, sort of like zazzle or cafepress but kinda more arty oriented. I had planned on starting a zazzle store but i have to say, it is SO MUCH FASTER and cleaner using society6! Three designs up right now, all from my HMBs – you can get prints, notecards and iphone skins.

Thank you for visiting! Feel free to ask questions or comment!