need to figure out a way…

…to photograph these bracelets without having them all wobbly.

spiderweb bracelet

perhaps i’ll make a “wrist” out of a toilet paper tube or something.

NEhoo…above is an elastic bracelet made with the orange gitd spiderweb beads. accented with some orange ceramic beads. the clay beads are totally unfinished (i may take this one apart and sand them – i’ve decided i like how they feel.)

next are my adorable cupcakes:

cupcake bracelet

this has pink plastic accent beads.

and lastly:

sushi bracelet

a reproduction of the bracelet i made for az. with wasabi colored wooden beads and the awesome red elastic thread i found in my vast stash of jewelry making supplies.



my wonderful friend Az was visiting from california this week, she also has a mild case of polymeritis (okay, okay, it’s not a mild case at all!). i made her an adorable sushi bracelet, which she loved.

there will be no pictures of it here due to me forgetting to take a damn picture of it, ha! but i have taken pictures of the leftover beads.

sushi beads

and i think i shall be making a sushi bracelet of my own here pretty soon. i promise to take a picture of it!

in other news, i’ve been playing around with the canes i’ve made, attempting to make a few beads. here’s some cupcakes!

cupcake beads

i’m thinking i will need to “finish” these ones, since there’s visible cat hair on them that refuses to disappear, LOL! some sanding and buffing…i need to buy some varnish…