finishing techniques

now none of this will really show up much in the pictures, but i’ve been playing around with my wet/dry automotive sandpaper and my fake-dremel cuz…well, i never really had before. i can totally see the difference but it also shows what i crappy job i do at sanding, ha!

these are my blue spider web beads before:


and here they are after sanding with 4 progressively finer grits and a bit of buffing with the rotary tool:


ooohhh, shiny….

i think i need to get higher grit sandpaper and lose my lowest grit or two, it seems like the 180 (which i got in a polymer clay tool set ffs!) and 200 are scratching the hell out of the beads making it impossible to get them completely smooth. or i’m just being lazy about it. ;-)

either way i’m pretty happy with the results, never seen my beads so shiny! and impurities add character and one of a kind-ness!

possibly might list some of these alone or as a bracelet on my newfangled etsy shop…


need to figure out a way…

…to photograph these bracelets without having them all wobbly.

spiderweb bracelet

perhaps i’ll make a “wrist” out of a toilet paper tube or something.

NEhoo…above is an elastic bracelet made with the orange gitd spiderweb beads. accented with some orange ceramic beads. the clay beads are totally unfinished (i may take this one apart and sand them – i’ve decided i like how they feel.)

next are my adorable cupcakes:

cupcake bracelet

this has pink plastic accent beads.

and lastly:

sushi bracelet

a reproduction of the bracelet i made for az. with wasabi colored wooden beads and the awesome red elastic thread i found in my vast stash of jewelry making supplies.


having got very positive feedback from a bunch of people who saw Az’s bracelet, i’m thinking of trying to make some more bracelets. we’ll see how that goes!

i’ve dug out some of my old canes (why yes, i do still have canes from over 5 years ago! and i can still use them!) to make some beadies with:

(note: these are one of my alltime favorite canes to make, so easy, so cute…)


these are my beloved glow in the dark spiderweb canes! i LOVE glow in the dark clay. i hope someday to have a camera nice enough to take pictures of their glowyness. there is also a white cane, in addition to the ones shown above, i just didn’t get a chance to slice it up and make into beads yet. these are going to make awesome bracelets!

i also made some smaller buttons out of the spiderweb canes, too. i’ve never really made buttons with any of my stuff before, but they came out sorta cute: