better peektures

i finally got my digital camera to work! sort of. it has to have fresh batteries everytime i use it, but it works! here’s a better picture of the rainbow canes:

rainbow skinner blend

aaaand since i didn’t have a pic of them before: these were my “tester” skinner blends to see if i remembered how to do them:

testing skinner blends


over five years?

i played with my polymer clay for the first time in…i think i figured it was over five years.  in that time i had acquired a pasta machine to use to roll out the clay.  it was great being able to try it out!  instead of starting slowly to get back into things i just jumped in an made a pretty involved rainbow skinner blend.  pasta machines are great for this…

it didn’t come out all that great (the purple ended up being icky), and the picture is pretty bad, but here it is: