Long weekend – super excited!

Had a nice long four day weekend! Conveniently got my first order from dick blick yesterday – squeeee!!!

Got a couple items that I’ve wanted to try out for a while now plus the main set of things I wanted: a few of the letraset promarker sets



Thank you to Suzyblu for showing off how amazing these things are in her YouTube videos…I couldn’t resist them!

I’m off to play some more…


Homemade washi/paper/whatever tape!

So easy to do!


I’ve got a pretty largish collection of tissue paper and mulberry paper….AND a decent supply of paper backed double sided tape.


All I did was lay the paper out and put strips of the double sided tape on it, trim to size and hooray!


Thanks to Jenny from craft test dummies for the tutorial and inspiration!

More resin fun

Here’s some pics from my second resin experiment:

Set up

My set up

Adding things
After first pour and adding “things”

In oven
In the oven @ 150 degrees to help it cure quicker

Final layer
Final layer of resin, experimenting with having a dark colored back layer – which unfortunately had too much pigment in it and wouldnt cure completely! Ah well…it can be fixed.

A pile of the finished product:


omg, this stuff is so much fun! i ordered from resin obsession – they have low smell, fast curing.  got some resin, 2 molds, mold release, etc. first attempt was doing simple layers with inclusions:

played with some glitter (of course!):

then some lovely pearl-ex powders:

big confetti and stickers didn’t work out so well – they curled up from the heat:

and my favorites – gears and tiny screws!:

learned a lot about what i can and can’t do with this stuff and squeed over how awesome it is.  have a LOT of ideas for where to go next!


i have a background in stained glass, however its been like a decade since i’ve done anything remotely similar.  BUT i got a jewelry soldering kit for my birthday and figured i’d try it out. i instantly remembered how frustrating it is to get solder to do what you want – lol!

i had some small glass lenses that i thought would work well with this technique.  and i’ve been wanting to use some of the watch parts i got online.  First one is a gear within a gear:


next up is a gear on top of another gear:


like i said, its hard to make solder do what you want!  still, i’m happy with them and wear them to work periodically.  and i’ve got lots of ideas to make the next ones better.