This week in etsy treasuries

Got a few more for you!

First, my Death, Wealth resin brooch was featured in Coloradofinds‘ treasury June:


Next up, AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps included my collage Honey Bee in her Tiny Art – an ACEO collection treasury:


And then, my watermelon polymer clay beads were featured in this Watermelon treasury from Frauke Hoffmann:


Lastly, I made another treasury myself! Dark and magical corvids


THANK YOU to everyone for the features!


This weeks treasuries!

Still playing catch up with these, i’ll try to post them once a week when i get featured!

First, Helen N. Hanson featured my watermelon polymer clay beads in her treasury, Bring on the GREEN!:


Next is my first piece of actual collage art (ie not an ACEO!), my Bluebird collage was featured in Inspiring Sunrise by Colette B:


And for the final treasury, my “Choose Your Own Adventure” aceo was included in AnnaMaria Jackson-PhelpsACEOs in shades of blue and green treasury:


As always, i really appreciate being included in treasuries! it always makes me feel like the stuff i make is being appreciated by someone, somewhere!

a couple items….

First, another treasury – yay!
This time my set of watermelon tube beads was featured in Joanne‘s Fruit Salad treasury:

treasure 5

#2 – i’ve got a bunch of fun stuff listed in my etsy shop now and am planning on having a st. patty’s day sale there next month – stay tuned!


And lastly, i’ve listed some vintage collectible books on eBay! we decided to start utilizing my old eBay account to sell off some of the random junk, er…i mean collectible items we’ve got hanging about. You can see what we’ve got listed here.

As always, you can follow along with the fun via twitter, facebook and now tumblr! Thank you for reading and commenting!

finishing techniques

now none of this will really show up much in the pictures, but i’ve been playing around with my wet/dry automotive sandpaper and my fake-dremel cuz…well, i never really had before. i can totally see the difference but it also shows what i crappy job i do at sanding, ha!

these are my blue spider web beads before:


and here they are after sanding with 4 progressively finer grits and a bit of buffing with the rotary tool:


ooohhh, shiny….

i think i need to get higher grit sandpaper and lose my lowest grit or two, it seems like the 180 (which i got in a polymer clay tool set ffs!) and 200 are scratching the hell out of the beads making it impossible to get them completely smooth. or i’m just being lazy about it. ;-)

either way i’m pretty happy with the results, never seen my beads so shiny! and impurities add character and one of a kind-ness!

possibly might list some of these alone or as a bracelet on my newfangled etsy shop…