New resin items

I’ve been playing with some of my old resin recently – real mix and pour resin, not the uv stuff!

Some poured into molds (with messy glitter):SAM_1811

Others on a tile waiting to set up:SAM_1810

Finished and awaiting their new orders:SAM_1816



dragged out and cleaned up my handy dandy toaster oven this afternoon.

first test baking (just to make sure that everything still worked):

test baking

since that went okay i baked up an old cane that i had:

watermelon cane

i had always read that canes sliced so much easier once they were baked, that you could get more uniform size and whatnot….

watermelon beads

I’m apparently broken when it comes to cutting anything of uniform size, lol!
It does slice up pretty nicely once it’s just started to cool, but i don’t like how it leaves the surface scratched up and cloudy. i think i prefer the way they look when i’ve sliced them before baking. less “finishing” to be done then!