custom steampunk pocketwatch

another custom order from an ex-coworker! julaine wanted a pocketwatch to give to a friend who’s into steampunky things. Heh, i’m ON IT!

started with an vintage silver pocket watch case (this was prolly a westclox – forgot to take a before pic, sorry!) i added some larger gears and some black gear stickers. Then the first resin pour! I also installed a large crown in a contrasting metal, making sure it was embedded in the resin.

Next i assembled a watch face out of a vintage men’s watch face, clock parts, hands and various tiny gears.

I just glued them together to keep it assembled for the next resin pour:

I adore bubbles in my resin – it adds interest and depth! however, i did have one rather large bubble appear while curing that irked me to no end, right below the 12oclock mark! So i added a lil bit of bling with a watch jewel, perfectly sized to cover up that annoying bubble.

A final resin pour or two (or more, geez i hate being a perfectionist sometimes!) and we’re ready for finishing!

The case was a little worn to begin with and had initials etched into the back so i decided to just sand the whole thing with my rotary tool to create a nice texture, in keeping with the silver and gold theme that it had going on:

Added a loop and some bronzy chain and we’re done!

I’m super happy with how it came out and i hope stalker’s friend likes it!


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