finally getting around to posting about my new(ish) craft area.

we have a tiny one bedroom apartment.  after long discussions about life the universe and everything we decided that we didn’t really need a “living room”.  we don’t entertain, the only thing we use it for is eating & watching movies – both of which we could easily do in the bedroom.  so we threw out our loveseat, put the tv and it’s table in the bedroom, brought my craft desk out to the front room, moved some shelves around, bought some stuff and there you have it.  Workspace.  With all my craft stuff!  (okay, with a lot of my craft stuff – i still have some in storage)

On the left we have hello kitty!  plus paper stuff in plastic drawers, stickers in green tote and a whole pile of everything in the desk drawers:

middle here is the desk, with ribbon and etc, toaster oven underneath:

right has my two units full of polymer clay, clay tools, my rotary tool in the front, rotary bits:

far right is my awesome new cube shelving units, two stacked on top of each other.  this has books, beads, findings, stamps, random bits, etc:

all in all i am soooo happy with this set up.  i have actually done some crafts!  i made xmas presents!  pics of those later…


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