finishing techniques

now none of this will really show up much in the pictures, but i’ve been playing around with my wet/dry automotive sandpaper and my fake-dremel cuz…well, i never really had before. i can totally see the difference but it also shows what i crappy job i do at sanding, ha!

these are my blue spider web beads before:


and here they are after sanding with 4 progressively finer grits and a bit of buffing with the rotary tool:


ooohhh, shiny….

i think i need to get higher grit sandpaper and lose my lowest grit or two, it seems like the 180 (which i got in a polymer clay tool set ffs!) and 200 are scratching the hell out of the beads making it impossible to get them completely smooth. or i’m just being lazy about it. ;-)

either way i’m pretty happy with the results, never seen my beads so shiny! and impurities add character and one of a kind-ness!

possibly might list some of these alone or as a bracelet on my newfangled etsy shop…


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