teeny tiny itty bitty

the weather here is horrible. i’m tired of having heatwaves.

it all makes me too blah to do anything, let alone play with clay!

over the course of the last couple of weeks i was able to create a few new pieces, though. one or two at a time, and only just baked them today.

this is the first set i made:

1st flowers

pretty rough, i’d never made anything so small before (i generally stuck to canes in my previous polymer clay life).

a few days later inspired me to try these:

black flowers

i really do love adding the glass jewels to clay, i just need a better way of attaching them, i think. i tend to ruin the pieces trying to secure the jewels. the green one is my fave, of course!

my blog scheme here was the inspiration for the last batch that i attempted:

blog flowers

i LURVE that chocolate, lime & turquoise combo!

these are my favorite – even though the little ones got a bit smooshed:

pretty flowers

i fully intend to make the large one in the middle my icon at some point, possibly even make a wiggelhevin logo out of it. teehee!


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