i’ve got a lot of charms n such.  like a lifetime’s worth of collected bits and bobbles.  i’ve had this idea in my head for a little bit of actually doing something with these things, perhaps involving clay.  i decided to start simple and was pretty happy with the results.

here’s the first one i tried:

blue crystal

a blue chandelier crystal with black clay swirls, clay was dusted with silver pearl ex pigment before baking. pritty!

that went fairly well so i moved on to a clear chandelier crystal:

clear crystal

this time it’s purple clay swirls with the interference violet pearl ex powder. made for a beautiful metallic purple, but the interference powder stuck to the crystal, adhered itself to it during baking and made the crystal kinda frosted-like. i plan on adding more to the crystal itself, rebaking, to see if it will make it frostier. then i’ll just say i meant to have it come out like that!

i think i might need to find a chandelier crystal supplier…


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