FAILed experiments gone horribly wrong!!

okay, not HORRIBLY wrong, but they are failures nonetheless. but really good learning experiences, and an interesting experiment. i like the results (well, except for the not perfectness of them).

Experiment #1:

FAIL #1FAIL #1 again

With this experiment i learned that lipstick tubes (don’t ask) expand when put in the oven, cracking whatever it is that you created on them. AND some plastic jewels cannot withstand 275 degree temperatures. although, this had been a pink faceted stone and turned into a lovely rounded stone. which i like better. and will prolly experiment more with later.

Experiment #2:

FAIL #2FAIL #2 again

This time i crafted a handy dandy ring maker out of tin foil and a post it note (am i the macgyver of polymer clay? quite possibly). I used a ruby red faceted GLASS jewel. Ring did not crack in the baking process. it did however have the post it glued to the inside. hmmm…perhaps the Disney post its are cursed? now yes, i COULD remove the ring from the post it before baking, but it made such a nice little stand to bake the ring on!

more experimenting forthcoming…

at least i can wear the red one!

okay, maybe not a total FAIL


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